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[APD] Re: Drilling tanks

Scott H. wrote re: steel glass drilling bits:

> You get what you pay for; it's an inexpensive way to go.

And, unfortunately, you're stuck with what you can afford.

I bought the steel bit I have to put standpipes in tanks (10 and 20 
gallon) for a rack system.  It was my first experience drilling 
glass, and I broke one tank by trying to go too fast, but the rest 
came out good enough (i.e., the fittings don't leak).  The bit seemed 
well balanced and did not cut sloppily, just slowly.  MMV.  I had the 
advantage of a drill press, which no doubt made all the difference as 
far as quality of cut and hand tiredness goes.

However, it took me a whole day to drill the tanks.  In retrospect, 
the diamond bit could've paid for itself in time savings alone.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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