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[APD] Looking for Eustralis stellata

Hello, I am in the market for some E.stellata and
I figured the best place to get it would be from
other hobbiests. I am figuring that many of you
discard your clippings as I do. I will pay for a
clipping or two, or I can trade. I dont have any
hard to find or specialty plants but Eichornia
diversifolia is one that I actually throw away on
a regular basis, as is this funky E.tenellus that
grows 10"-13" tall in my 75 gallon (big beautiful
fountains of grass). I also have some Hygrophila
corymbosa sp. with at least two 8" long stems that
are bushy and branching. I have some pictures of
the plants that I can offer from my tank as a
trade. Or like I said I will pay for the clippings
of E.stellata.
Contact me off list at
steve_wilsonii at fishpalace_org

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