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Re: [APD] The siphon saga continues...need safety shutoff!

Most of those float switches work with reed switches that
are opend or closed by the magnet inthe float. If you  take
offf the float, turn it upside down, it changes from a
normally open switch to a normally closed one or vice

Once you get up past about 50 watts or so, you need a relay
between the float switch and the pump motor but those
aren't complicated or expensive.

Scott H.
--- revance at indiana_edu wrote:
> I have seen devices that use water sensors to shut off
> devices, but they are 
> expensive and are designed to detect the slightest bit of
> moisture... I would 
> imagine you would want it to shut off before you get
> water on the floor so it 
> would make sense to mount the sensor in the overflow box
> above the waterline. 
> Problem is, there is a good chance it will get a little
> wet on a daily basis 
> and not necessarily when it is overflowing. 
> We were just talking about sump top off float switches, I
> bet you could 
> make/buy a float switch that would turn off the pump when
> the float bulb is 
> lifted. Just put this on the intake side of the siphon
> box and if the water 
> level starts to rise, it means the siphon is broken, thus
> it should turn off. 
> I would imagine this would be much more reliable (less
> false shut offs)then 
> using the expensive ones that use a moisture sensor.

S. Hieber

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