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Re: [APD] The siphon saga continues...need safety shutoff!

I have seen devices that use water sensors to shut off devices, but they are 
expensive and are designed to detect the slightest bit of moisture... I would 
imagine you would want it to shut off before you get water on the floor so it 
would make sense to mount the sensor in the overflow box above the waterline. 
Problem is, there is a good chance it will get a little wet on a daily basis 
and not necessarily when it is overflowing. 

We were just talking about sump top off float switches, I bet you could 
make/buy a float switch that would turn off the pump when the float bulb is 
lifted. Just put this on the intake side of the siphon box and if the water 
level starts to rise, it means the siphon is broken, thus it should turn off. 
I would imagine this would be much more reliable (less false shut offs)then 
using the expensive ones that use a moisture sensor.

I have always had drain pipes go through the bottom of my tanks, but am 
setting up a tank with a siphon now. I will continue to look into this idea 
and update you if I find anything.

Quoting Rod Gerrymander <rgerrymander at yahoo_com>:

> This morning I woke up about 3:30 am to the lovely
> sound of a waterfall...but wait!  I don't HAVE a
> water fall.
> Turns out some algae had broken off in the algae 
> tank and become logged in the end of the siphon
> inlet.
> I only lost a gallon or two of water, no big deal.
> Unlike a post a while back, I'm sure my stand could
> survive total submersion for weeks, and my fishroom
> has a plastic floor.  Best of all, my wife slept 
> thru the whole thing, and this morning I forgot to
> mention it at breakfast.
> I solved the problem short-term by putting a sponge
> filter over the inlet end of the tube, but it brings
> to mind my next problem.  
> I need some kind of safety pump shutoff.
> Does anybody have experience with those?
> Thanks,
> Rod
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