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[APD] Re: Growing Glosso Update

Hello, as Byron mentioned CO2 is very important in these 'carpet' plants (as with most plants) but you can go DIY if you go big enough ;) (CO2 canisters were not an option for me).  

In my 85gal (US) I have two, 4.5L plastic bottles (the big ones you get juice punches in) hooked up with a airhose leading into the intake of my canister filter.
Each bottle gets 2 cups of suger and 1/2tsp of yeast refreshed weekly. I change one on the weekend, other on Wednesday.  This provides tons of CO2 at a very consistent rate.

Here is a link to CO2 level info

If you are not running CO2, see how they grow first.  If it's not what you hoped for, you might want to try some form of CO2 injection.


> Hi Quick newbie question about growing Glossostigma elatinoides for the
> foreground
> I'd like it to carpet my foreground with this awesome plant.  The bunches
> received are about 2-3 CM high.  As I've read, with adequate lighting ,
> these will grow short as they do in the books :-)  I have a 75 Gallon, ph
> 6.9 , plant tank, with 6500K compact  flourescents.  Are there any
> tips/tricks to help in my quest
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