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Re: [APD] Tank setup revisited -- or - Some Points about Barbs

More anecdotal info for the record. I've found that:

Tiger Barbs can be seriously territorial. After
establishing a pecking order, at feeding time, one is often
kept from feeding. And then, among the survivors, one of
them is the new bottom of the order.  Lots of space and
places to go mitigate the more adverse affects of the
territoriality. I don't like to mix these with other fish;
don't like to crowd them in a small (15 gal or less)
species tank.

Black Ruby barbs are much tamer and tolerant of each other
and other fish. I've have them with cardinals with no
problems at all. Had them with a Betta in the tank -- no

Checker Barbs, seem shy. Rosy and Odessa Barbs fit
somewhere inbetween the Tigers and the Rubies in terms of
temperment, they can be rambunctious but I have never had
one that hurt another fish -- they have taken large chunks
out of anubias nana leaves from time to time.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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