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[APD] Tank setup revisited

I know that for every view there's always someone with the opposite view, so
here's mine....

I've got a 36" tank that has 3 black ruby barbs in it (used to be 5 but a
couple died about a year ago) along with a large pair of moonlight gouramis.
The barbs have shown no inclination to nip anything. The male gourami
however chases them every now and then when he gets fed up with their
constant racing around. This might be different if the long finned fish
(i.e. smaller gouramis) were less 'imposing' though. I would avoid tiger
barbs however as they are notorious nippers. Chequer barbs or cherrys are

Also, I put a siamese fighter in this tank (as a temporary measure) and the
next day the male barb was in a very sorry looking state - ripped fins,
sores on the sides and had lost an eye. The fighter was still following it
around the tank getting a bite in occasionally, the barb wasn't up to doing
anything. I removed the fighter and the barb made a complete recovery (apart
from the eye that is).

The problem with fish is that although you can generalise, there are always
exceptions. Or maybe that's the enjoyment?

As for pH for the popular fish, I would say between 6 and 8, ideally 6.5 to
7.5. Platies are nice and tough.


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One note on the fish.  Barbs are notorious fin nippers.  The aren't quit as
bad if they are kept in a school (shoal) of six or more.  However, the long
flowing fins of a betta would probably be too tempting to pass up.  The
would also go after the Gouramis and possibly the Mollies.  You might want
to think about a shoal of Tetras like Cardinals or Neons.  The make quite a
sight in a 55 gallon aquarium.  The bigger the shoal the better.

Thank you,

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> Ok Since I am a newbie and I based all my selections on web research.
> Which doesn't seem to be working based on several opinions I have gotten
> on my choices.  How caan I make choice based on LFS selections, combined
> with water parameters and still have a planted tank.
> What are good sources, preferably web that I can use to make some good
> decisions?
> With that what is the reasonable tolerance range of ph for fish?
> Thanks,
> romans837
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