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[APD] Re: Drilling tanks

> Adding a bulkhead works fine if you have an acrylic tank, those who
> have glass
> aquariums... particularly tempered glass tanks, cannot (or rather SHOULD
> drill holes. Drilling in glass is a big gamble.

So, all those people out there with drilled glass tanks are just very

It's not impossible to drill glass, although tempered glass is at best very difficult. Tempered glass is far easier to fracture and is generally said to be undrillable. Regular glass such as that used in most tanks is entirely possible to drill, although it is difficult to do properly without the right equipment.

For most people who only need a few holes drilled it is going to be easier and safer (from the tank's perspective :-) to have the holes drilled at a glass shop. You really need a diamond coring bit and a drill press or drilling jig that can keep the bit steady to ensure good results. The diamond coring bits are usually run at relatively low speed for a longish period of time to drill the hole, and are usually used with a liquid coolant/lubricant to keep the bit from seizing or overheating. The equipment is too expensive for occasional DIY use.


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