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[APD] Re: tank setup help

Jason is trying to decide how to populate his planted

I'm not sure I'd trust the gouramis or the barbs with
a betta. Even though you'd have plenty of space for
the betta to hide in a 55, fin-nipping barbs and
same-aggressive gouramis will likely kick the pants
off of a frilly betta if challenged or so inclined. I
guess I assumed you wanted a fancy, long-finned one. I
imagine a short-finned plakat type might be fine, but
I'd still watch them with the gouramis, since they're
in the same family and are so similar in habits.  

As far as the yellow lab-- your water might be great
for it as-is, but the rest of your inhabitants might
not like him so much. They can be pretty territorial
and intimidating to fish that aren't African cichlids.
I've heard mixed reviews about whether mbuna will
munch plants, but I have seen for myself how much they
love to dig around, which would disrupt your swords
and hygro. 

Do you have a latin name for the Blue Botia? I'm not
familiar with one by that moniker. Some of those guys,
like the Skunk, can be pretty pugnacious and don't
play as well with other botia as the clowns and
sidthimunkis. I had two "Yellow-tailed" that dang near
killed each other in a matter of days.  
Of course, YMMV.
All best,

> Fish I like:
> Clown Loaches
> Blue Gouramis
> Honey Gouramis
> Blue Botias
> Black Ruby Barb
> Betta
> Yellow Lab
> Sailfin Mollies
> I am leaning towards clown loaches, honey gouramis,
> black ruby barb, the
> betta.
> I really like the Yellow Labs but, I am hearing
> these may not be good on
> plants.
> Help I can't figure out if this is a good mix or a
> bad one.

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