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Re: [APD] Tank setup revisited

One note on the fish.  Barbs are notorious fin nippers.  The aren't quit as
bad if they are kept in a school (shoal) of six or more.  However, the long
flowing fins of a betta would probably be too tempting to pass up.  The
would also go after the Gouramis and possibly the Mollies.  You might want
to think about a shoal of Tetras like Cardinals or Neons.  The make quite a
sight in a 55 gallon aquarium.  The bigger the shoal the better.

Thank you,

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> Ok Since I am a newbie and I based all my selections on web research.
> Which doesn't seem to be working based on several opinions I have gotten
> on my choices.  How caan I make choice based on LFS selections, combined
> with water parameters and still have a planted tank.
> What are good sources, preferably web that I can use to make some good
> decisions?
> With that what is the reasonable tolerance range of ph for fish?
> Thanks,
> romans837

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