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RE: [APD] Tank setup help

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Subject: [APD] Tank setup help

Here is my plan for my tank:

Here are the specs

55 gal
36 x 18 x 22
gH is 9
Ph is 8.8+ ( straight tap I could go ro water )

Java fern, anubias, and hydro. Currently would like to get a Amazon
Sword once a little more established.

Fish I like:

Clown Loaches
Blue Gouramis
Honey Gouramis
Blue Botias
Black Ruby Barb
Yellow Lab
Sailfin Mollies

I am leaning towards clown loaches, honey gouramis, black ruby barb, the

I really like the Yellow Labs but, I am hearing these may not be good on

Help I can't figure out if this is a good mix or a bad one.


your tap water is more suited to the fishes of Lake Tanganyika, even the L.
caeruleus (yellow lab) is a mbuna from Lake Malawi where the natural waters
have a PH range of 7.8-8.0. In particular the Black Ruby Barb do much better
in acidic water. Having said that it is likely that these fish are available
locally for you and are kept in the same water conditions as you have so
although they may live in your water they may not prosper. If you have a R/O
system you may want to look at reducing your PH using R/O or peat filtered
water although it is always much easier to pick fish suited to your present
water .


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