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[APD] Re: Drilling for bulkheads (was bubbles)

I have drilled small holes in glass before using the
spade-type bits and a drill press, but the bulkheads
would require a hole in the glass that is about 1.5
inches.  I don't even know where to get such a bit
(advice appreciated).

Plus I would have to drill these tanks (at least the
main tank) while it is setup, meaning holding the
in my hand instead of a drill press, and the glass is
under pressure from 100 gallons of water.  This seems
just a little too freaky.


> The only way to make siphons foolproof is to remove
> them.
> It's actually quite easy to drill the tanks and
> install bulkheads for 
> overflows.  I did it for the first time a few months
> ago, and have done 
> several other tanks since then.

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