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Re: [APD] Re: ich update

Reports seem to vary as to the size of the Ich critter
(anywhere from 10 microns to 100 microns and more). I think
that, to get down to as fine a micron level as you need to
filter out the waterborne-stage ich critters (a.k.a.
tomites) a canister would clog up much sooner than a couple
of weeks -- maybe before the day is over; maybe in a couple
of days. And as it clogs, it won't be turning over much
aquarum water. And if the filter doesn't turn over "all"
the water often enough, some Ichies will always escape
filtration. So you would need to change the material often.

The Ichies (a.k.a trophozoites) will mature, leave the fish
and settle in substrate (a.k.a. trophonts) and then
produdce producing tomites until each one has gone through
a full life cycle, which can be a couple of days to over a
week, depending on temps. Three days to a week should be
plenty long enough at tropical temps to filter out the
trophs and break the life cycle. But I think a conventional
canister filter, with a felt medium, is probably your least
practical method of breaking the cycle.

Scott H.

--- "Byron J. Yu" <Byronjyu at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Fundamentalist-type condemnations aside, I was thinking..
> I remember
> coralife makes these micron filter pads. Do you think it
> would be
> possible to stuff those in my eheim canister for a couple
> of weeks and
> filter the ick out?

S. Hieber

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