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[APD] Re: ich update

At 08:22 PM 3/8/2004 -0500, Greg Idemoto wrote:

In regards to the ich advice, raising the temperature to the 90s would get
rid of the ich; however, it will probably stress out the fish even more and
probably kill some of the plants. Be aware that when you raise the
temperature it drives out the oxygen, so you will have to ensure that you
are adding sufficient aeration.

When I get ich, I raise the temp to the mid 80s to speed up the life cycle
of the parasite and use Maracide. Make sure you get the old formula, which I
believe is one drop per gallon or something to that effect. The people on
the loaches.com forum swear by the old formula Maracide and I totally agree
with them.

When ich spread to my plant tank, (despite a strict quarantine and separate nets, etc), three days of QuickCure at half strength completely cured the problem. Loaches, cardinals, rummynose, corys and ancistrus all had no problem. Plants did fine. I left the temperature at 80F to avoid further stress.

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