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[APD] Filters, dissolved oxygen, and algae

Does anyone have any information on how much impact on dissolved oxygen
levels a canister filter can have? It must have some, since the bacteria
living in the canister will consume oxygen. I realize that the impact will
depend on a whole host of factors, but does anyone have an idea of the
order of magnitude possible?

The reason I ask is that I've been battling an outbreak of BBA. I finally
realized that the BBA was almost entirely in the area hit by the outflow of
my canister filter. The output comes out a single return rather than a
spray bar. My hypothesis is that the reduced O2 levels right there is
encouraging BBA growth, but I don't know if that's a plausible explanation.

It's a 125 gallon tank without CO2, four F25T8 bulbs for 100W, and a
sand-over-soil substrate. The filter is a Magnum 350.

Any insights?

- Jim

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