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Re: [APD] Re: Growing Glosso Update

I wouldn't imagine your plants would suffer too much from high temperatures 
for a couple days. Many people with planted discus tanks keep their temps in 
the mid to upper 80s all the time. I have also heard that raising the salinity 
of your water with aquarium salt in addition to raising the temperature is 
another way to eliminate ich... I tried it once and it seemed to do the job 
(however, it wasn't a planted tank I did it on).  Good luck

Quoting Byron Yu <byronjyu at hotmail_com>:

> Hi guys,
> Bill wrote:
> >You have 6.5 watts per gallon!  That alone might be sufficient to raise the
> temperature to the 90's.  I wonder if that enormous amount of light >could
> have stressed the fish to the extent that ich could wage a successful
> attack.
> >Others here know more about light and most other plants things than I do,
> but I think if you so much as look at your tank the wrong way you will >have
> a mess on your hands.  Maybe think about cutting back on the light?
> You should read this article...
> http://www.fitchfamily.com/lighting.html
> It's a different approach to lighting and kind of throws aways that old 3
> watt/gallon rule. I believe in the theory cause when i only had 65 watts on
> my 20 gallon, my red plants were not turning red. I admit, even based on that
> article i am still a bit on the high side of lighting, but the plants are
> gorgeous, and the heat is controlled cause the lighting source is 2 power
> compacts that have a fans on them. Besides, i think the fish got ick not
> through stress, but through the introduction of some new fish that had ick on
> them. 
> which brings my to Candy's comment.I know i should have a sick/quarantine
> tank.i may get one yet.. but i'm just "fishing" for other suggestions.
> Turning up the heat to 85 degrees sounds like a plan, but i'm afraid my
> plants can't handle that. I believe my cyperus herefi and lace plants don't
> like high temps. I don't want to be cruel, but my plants and shrimps are all
> important.
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