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[APD] Re: What is Malay fern?

Seweryn wrote:

> Anyone have any ideas of what it is? Have not found any info on it
> searching through the web. Looks almost like branches from a short
> pine tree mixed with compact, interlocked fern leaves.

Is this an aquatic fern?  I know of a fern that is fairly popular 
among some herp hobbyists called Malaysian Fern, but it's a terrarium 
plant that would not enjoy being submerged.

> While I am firing off questions, anyone know if a dechlorifier states
> that it will neutralise heavy metals in the water, would it bind
> certain constituents of PMDD?

I wouldn't worry about it.  These types of dechlor generally only 
sequester a very small amount of metal, and just because a metal is 
bound does not necessarily make it unavailable to the plants.  Some 
(all?) metals in trace ferts are already bound by chelators so that 
they stay in solution longer (e.g., iron EDTA).
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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