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Re: [APD] Re: Peat in substrate -- Dirtless gravel that's replete without Peat

I assume yo mena in the conventional sense and not for
investment. ;-)

Mulm is known by the less technical terms "gunk," "crud on
the bottom," and "messy brown stuff (aka, MBS)."

With an established aqaurium, you can get it from the
floss/floss substitue medium in the canister filteraned
from the sponge in any filter that uses a sponge. You can
siphon it from the gravel. The accumulation of MBS is the
reason one needs to vacuum occasionally; it is the essence
of vacuuming's purpose.

If you vacuum with a python down the kitchen drain. Try
running the hose into a bucket instead.

If you don't want to use all the water from vacuuming, let
the water sit a little while and the bulk of the material
will sink to the bottom. Then you can pour off most of the
water without loosing are that hard earn MBS.

Alternatively, you can take the floss or sponge from an
established tank's filter and put in the filter of a new
tank or even wring it into the aquarium and let the new
filter collect it on it's own -- after all that's what it's
paid to do.

For those who want to collect MBS for investment reasons,
your best bet is to check recent auctions at Sotheby's to
see what the going price is for various types of MBS.
Turnover tends to be high and margins are extremely narrow.

Having said that, I'm sure it will soon show up on Ebay,
but be wary of cheap knockoffs that don't really come from
aquariums. I've seen some real 'non-aquarial MBS" on Ebay.

Scott H.
--- Quintin Holmberg <quintin at mn_rr.com> wrote:
> how does one go about collecting mulm??

S. Hieber

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