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[APD] Echinodorus harbich, small is better!

I just got E. harbich in. I really like this cultivar!  It's a miniature:
maximum height about 6", and the leaves are almost perfectly circular with
the edges curling inward. The leaves are on short petioles and form dense
rosettes.  It is a mutation of E. cordifolius. Great alternative for the
front/middle of the aquascape.  I am not the first to have it, so anyone
have any experience to share? I am rather anxious to try a group of them in
a nano tank.

I also have another small sword called E. schlueteri. Maximum height about
10", so its considered a dwarf . It has ovate leaves with red marking while
young, but turns green  as it matures. There is a cultivar version of this
plant called the "leopard" which retains red/brown freckles, polka dots, for
the life of the plant. I will have that in another week.  The leopard
version was developed by Hans Barth in 1988.

Robert Hudson

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