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[APD] Looking for Anna - OT

I'm sorry if this is posted twice, but it's really important to me. A lovely lady I originally encountered at APD privately offered me some of her plants and I offered to pay the postage required for shipping.  The plants have arrived and are beautiful, but in the meantime, I have 1) new computer (WOOHOO!) and 2) new cable DSL (WOOHOO again!) and no longer have either her name or address so that I can mail her a check.  Please, if anyone knows her email address, would you either contact her and give her my new "AuntieFran at comquest_net" (used to be GramFran413 at aol_com) address or give me her email addy so that I can get in touch with her.  I really don't want to establish the reputation of being a plant deadbeat!  Thanks for listening... and hopefully, for helping.

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