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[APD] Re: 6wpg

"A friend of mine is going to take a shot at a planted
tank, 30G and was looking into lighting fixtures.  He
found one he liked which was basically a doubled PC
bulb fixture w/2 96W bulbs giving 192W/30 gallons, a
total of 6.4W/g."

Sounds like a reef fixture.  

"I'm not sure, but I thought this was WAY overkill for
a planted tank (w/o Co2 ATM, but may have in the

You're right.  It is overkill, espceially with no co2.
 One 96 watt PCF bulb down the middle of my tank works
fine.  The light spread isn't perfect, but that amount
of light should be fine for most people and plants. 
Even with just one bulb, I would not try a tank with
that much light without pressurized co2.  Trust me ;) 


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