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Re: [APD] moving toward co2 questions

Yes, wat goes in the to and out the bottom. 

Yes. the little valve is to burp the box. This should never
be necessary except possibly if you put the reactor on the
reator onthe input side of canister.

If CO2 gathers so much that the reactor keeps filling, then
yhou need a higher water flow, not a burp. Burps just waste
CO2.  ;-)

It's a heck of a reactor.  Tip: if you disassemble for
cleaning, DON'T overtighten when screwing it back together.
The casing can crack.

RE the equipment -- I'd put money on rationalising for
shiny new. ;-)

I haven't used Milwaukee or JBJ so I can't comment there.
But why don't you wait a while and see if you end up happy
with what you have. Then you can spend the money on plants
and fish -- hmmmm, or maybe a Pinpoint pH monitor or maybe
. . . ;-)

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Bill Pearson <wpearson at adelphia_net> wrote:
> In anticipation of venturing into co2, I got an AquaMedic
> 1000 reactor
> off of ebay.  It came with out the original box or any
> instructions.
> I'm sure the water flow is from top to bottom but there
> appears to be a
> off/on valve at the top.  Is that to purge accumulated
> co2?
> I aquired a 20# tank with a Chudnow dual gauge regulator
> from a beverage
> supplier.  After I add a needle valve, solenoid, and
> bubble counter, I'm
> thinking the Milwaukee all in one unit might be a better
> way to go.  Is
> that a reasonable decision or am I rationalizing a way to
> get a newer
> and shinier piece of equipment?  
> Are there any thoughts or recommendations regarding
> Milwaukee vs JBJ vs
> something else?
> thanks,
> Bill Pearson
> <wpearson at adelphia_net>

S. Hieber

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