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[APD] Re: Goldfish as Snail Control

Hi Diane,
I have found that the fancy varieties of goldfish are not as likely to eat
your aquariums plants as the commons, comets and shubunkins.  I have two
planted tanks with fancy goldfish, and they will take bits of leaf that are
floating around the tank in their mouths, but spit it out in disgust lol!
They do dearly love my ramshorn snail babies and eggs, though, so I have to
raise a few ramshorns in a tank with tropicals :-)

>Quite true....my planted goldfish tank gets to mid-high eighties in the
>summer and my common goldfish are just as happy as when it's high
>sixties or low seventies in the winter.  And they are super
>snail-hunters.   The bigger problem with them as long-term snail
>control is that they eat your plants, and are far more destructive to
>most plants than are the snails....

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