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Re: [APD] Viewing of message

On Fri, 05 Mar 2004 13:23:50 -0500, you wrote:

> When I view my on message to the list, the first line go way off the right side of the screen.  A few others that I read on the listing does the same thing.  Can anybody guide me as to how to "correct" this?  Thanks for your help here and all the vital info I get from you folks!!

You mean like your message does? 

Thank Microsoft and clueless users (like you). :) 

First - how to read the message. I see you're using exchange, but I'll
give a general answer so that others can also fix it who use different
versions or readers. First open your email program's help feature
(generally F1). Do a search on "word wrap" you should find the answer
there (ie turn it on).

Secondly - how to not post long lines. Again open your email program's
help and search for "posting preferences" or "line length". I good line
length setting is 76, which allows two quotes characters (and spaces)
before wrapping at the standard line length of 80. This will make
replies easier to read and avoid broken lines.
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