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[APD] Plants in pots

HI gang-
   Been gone a long time.  Too busy to fool with a lot of this stuff.
   I have a couple of tanks that were at one time planted and have the 
lighting necessary, but have been scraped clean and set up bare-bottom for angel fry 
raising.  Since I'm really busy, and sometimes the tanks hold other fish 
long-term, it would be great if I could put some plants in pots and move them 
around as needed to help maintain water quality between changes.  So what to use 
for a substrate?
    While plants are commercially raised in pots using rock wool, that is 
primarily for plants in an emerse state.  What about immersed?  Would I be best 
with gravel/clay substrate, flourite, htbass, or an amano style pumice 
gravel/peat/clay deal?  Remember, the CO2 will be unsupplemented, and the plants need 
to metabolize(grow) in order to be helpful.
    Also, any preferences about pots?  Whatever I use will have to be raised 
off the bottom a little so when there are fry in the tank they don't get 
stuck.  The easiest approach for that is marbles and silicone adhesive.  I am 
thinking either standard terra cotta  pots or possibly strips of plastic rain 
gutter capped off.
    Bob Dixon
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