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RE: [APD] Re: re planted tank calculations

what is the link to your site.


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Just letting you know that I've updated some of the info on my website. It
now has up-to-date calculations for the amount of ferts I'm adding (adding a
bit more now) plus I've outline the "Tom Barr method" on there too, which I
might give a go some day.



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> hi clint ...
> thanks for your prev email with all its tips ... it has taken me
> all this time to track down all the various ïngredients" for the
> frets as per your web page ! ....the potasssium nitrate and
> phosphate were the two toughest ones to get ...
> i followed some of the links that you kindly recommended ... but
> the mail order hydrophonic houses were both out of stock and
> couldn't tell me when they would next get some in ...i felt very
> discouraged when one said it could be 6 or more weeks before they
> restock .. after many phone calls i found one place here in sydney
> that had them both in stock... and picked them up today
> (sunday).....of course it was right on the other side of town ...
> about 1 hour 15 min drive each way!.... hope these plants REALLY
> appreciate all these ferts :)
> i couldn't find purex at any of the local pool shops ... but did
> get what they assured me was exactly the same thing ... it's in a
> granular form .... he said thats the only way it comes ...is that ok?
> so now all i need to do is try to work out how much to put in ...
> my tank is 120 litres .. and i have been doing anywhere from a 25%
> to a 50% water change each week ...... just dep on how i feel and
> how late at nite it is!  ..... if you think that a 50% change is
> recommended ...  and will help the plants better ... then i will
> do that as my regular practice ....i would appreciate your advice
> on this issue if you are able ...
> i have read your page on ferts about a zillion times ... in fact,
> its my new "home page " that  my browser opens to ...
> i am however still having trouble understanding a few things ...
> hence my email to you again ... sorry to be so slow ... but altho
> i think that i can follow most of the calcs that you have set out
> ... i still don't quite understand a few things ....
> ie why 3.5 tbs of pot nitrate in 500 ml ? .... why 2 tsp of pot
> phosphate in 500 ml ?.... etc ...
> have these concentrations been chosen for a specific reason?
> ....and why 500 ml ? ...
> that seems to be a very large amount of stock solution to have on
> hand when you are dosing 1 - 2 ml per day ... ie it's about 500 -
> 250 days worth of stock ..
> will it stay fresh that long in a solution? ... why not make it up
> in smaller batches ... ie .... about 1 months supply?
> how do you know / estimate how much your plants will consume in a
> day .... i seem to have missed something or some step here
> somewhere ? .....
> can you advise me how i should make up my stock solution for a
> 120l tank ....
> 120/168 = 71.4% ... do i just alter all the concentrations by this
> amount? ... i am really keen to start dosing these ferts .... i
> hope that this email is not too much of an imposition ... but i am
> feeling a bit lost and would really appreciater your advice on
> this matter
> regards
> rod weiland
> ps do you know of any nsw based fish / planted tank / general
> aquaria / buy and sell etc forums ... i have done searches but
> always seem to come up with melb and qld!
> regards
> me

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