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[APD] Lights and filtration/turnover

Long time listener, first time caller ...

Tom Barr was the featured aquarist in the inaugural issue of Planted
Aquarium Magazine. The description of his 90-gallon (48 x 18 x 24) tank
included two 175w metal halide lamps for lighting. We can all do the
math and see that's a pretty high ratio of watts/gallon. I believe that
I've seen posts from Tom recently suggesting that adequate plant growth
can be achieved with much less lighting. I wonder if Tom still runs that
tank with that lighting and if anyone else would suggest equipping a
similarly sized tank that amount of light. Yes, I'll have supplemental
CO2. I'd like the option to choose plants with a range of wide light
requirements but I don't want to be pruning twice a week.

And if I can squeeze two questions in for the price of one, does anyone
have any thoughts on the range of turnover rates appropriate for a
planted tank, i.e. 2x/hour, 5x/hour, etc. In my case, the tank is the
same size as Tom's referenced above, will be heavily planted, I hope,
and will have what I'd characterize as a pretty heavy bioload, that is,
lots and lots of fish. The tank has a 4 x 10 internal overflow and dual
3/4" standpipes. There will be a sump and return pump. What I'm getting
at is the sizing of the return pump.


Tim C.
Portland, OR

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