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[APD] Re: Shrimp and copper plant ferts

Do you all use plant ferts with copper in it in your planted tanks with your freshwater shrimp (Amano, Crystal Red Bee Shrimp)? I have Seachem Flourish and it has copper in it. Thank you!

Flourish has FAR less copper than most liquid ferts out there. According to their site, the guaranteed analysis says 0.0001%. For comparison, TMG has 0.006%, and I believe Yamato Green has 0.0015%. Flourish Trace has 0.0032%.

I use Flourish in my 10-gallon tank and right now I'm dosing 12 drops per day: 6 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and 3 at night. I keep several Amano shrimp in there, and they've been fine. I know I *should* be adding more Flourish (from the looks of my plants, anyway), but I'm very dependent on my Amano shrimp to keep my tank algae-free and I'm not willing to risk losing them. My dosage would probably be better-suited for a lower-lit tank (I run a 28W PC over the 10-gallon).

Unless you're adding massive amounts, your Amano shrimp should be okay. Can't say for the crystal reds, though. Somebody else will have to answer that.


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