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Re: [APD] Aquariums Chiller

I can't do the calcs but I will offer a comment:

Is the pond in set into the ground? If so, and the ground
is not keeping the water relatively close to the ground
temp, then it might take an awfully big chiller. The ground
can sink an large amount of heat. 

You might consider, instead of a chiller, having the pond
(or a large part of it) be a foot or so deeper. Somewhere
after the first 6"-12", I think, the ground temp will be
relatively stable year-round and with good water
circulation, should be able to sink much of the heat coming
from the pond surface. I don't know at what depth the
ground temp becomes stable where you live but you should be
able to find that out with a little research.

Scott H.
--- yahya <ysh1317 at cbn_net.id> wrote:
> Hi, I'd like to get help on few things,
> We are planning to build a 60,000 litre fresh water pond.
> Due to our water
> temperature range between 30 C to 32 C, we are planning
> to use water
> chiller. Could you please help me how to calculate how
> many HP of the
> chiller needed to bring the water temperature down to 25
> C?

S. Hieber

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