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[APD] Water, water everywhere

On Monday I did a major cleanout of my CO2 reactor and all the filter 
tubing, and when I put the CO2 reactor back together I did not do it quite 
right. I did not notice the small leak until this afternoon. The bottom of 
the tank stand was completely soaked, and the wood trim on the front had 
warped enough to make one of the doors difficult to open and close. The 
stand is an All-Glass tank stand, supporting a 72 gallon All-Glass bowfront 
tank - http://www.all-glass.com/products/stands/index.html for a photo.

That stand is holding up an awful lot of weight. Assuming I can get it dried 
out, what's the prognosis for the stability/durability of the stand? I don't 
think the floor underneath got wet, so with luck dry rot and mold will not 
be an issue.

-Rachel, who will NEVER forget to check the reactor ever, ever again. 
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