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[APD] piranha not feeding

my piranha are not feeding, they eat about one bite of beef heart or shrimp then stop. they are starting to get skinny and i am getting worrid about them. they are about 1.5 years old and 4' long. the water is high in phosphate but the ph is stable at 6.8. the tank has been properly cycled and all other water paramiters have been met. this is a planted tank 38 gallon with 3 fish with lower lighting only about .5 watts/gallon. they swim around when nobody is around but hide when watched. even when alone and active they don't feed much? does anyone know what i can do to get them to eat more? i occasionaly give them goldfish as live food. i quarintien these for one month before feeding.
anyhelp would be greatly appreciated
and thankyou to everyone who has helped me in the past from this mailing list you have been most helpfull.

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