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[APD] Snails do or don't

From your own experience are red spotted ramshorns good snails as far as
leaving plants alone?
(I have read that striped ones are bad and spotted ones are good in planted tanks)

Would you deliberately add them to a tank?

Are their types of algae that they eat that ottos don't?

What type/s of algae are they best suited/recommended for?

If the tank is not overfed do population explosions still occur?

Do they carry parasites?

I have found red spotted looking ramshorns in a tank that I added plants to that had not been bleached. This is the only tank they are in. I am not sure if they would be a good addition to the other tanks or a curse.

Up till now I have only kept single apple snails in my tanks, however once they get over golf ball size they seem to do little as far as keeping leaves clean.


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