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[APD] Re: Snails

I found the best method of snails is to manually kill them.  Every week (or
whenever your hand is in there), just press them against the glass, logs or
rocks.  The shells break easy (not MTS though), and the fish eat up the
remains.  Do this for a few weeks and you'll notice a big decline.  You can
get fish that eat snails but I've found they prefer their regular food over
snails.  Small snails are great; however once they get to bigger their
appetite changes from algae other stuff to plant leafs. 

Another method is to use fast growing soft leafed stem plant like Hydro sp.
as a distraction.  This work well for larger snails you want in your
aquarium such as Apple Snails. Apple snails are great because you can
control their reproduction as they must lay eggs outside of the water.


Greg Turner
<a href="http:www.aquabay.ca" title="Canadian Aquarium

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