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[APD] LUX and photosynthesis

I read this list often and I finally see something I want to ask about. OK, here's 
my question for you all. This is and interesting discussion.
I noticed that the list of "comensation points" has floating plants like, higest.
Here's my questions:
** What's the values for some algae?
** What's the values for BGA when is floats on the surface (as a colony)
** How many lux does a very lightly planted 55 gallon with 110 watts of CF light have
** How many lux in a 55 gallon with 110 watts of compact flourescent light when
    it has a lot of plants?
Happy planting
++ George B once quoted a table of LSPs & compensations points 
++ for several aquatic plants. I bet its one of the reasons that 
++ George is so stingy with his lighting levels. Could it be 
++ that he's onto something? George: you're far too quiet these 
++ days. Have you still got that table? come on old man! I
++ hope the power cables haven't put you in hospital (again). ;-)
++ The place where we have generally gone wrong (oops another one) 
++ is in not advising the reduction of lighting intensity to at 
++ or below the LSP when attempting to manage algae. The LSP is 
++ an empirical upper limit where all other growth factors are 
++ supplied in super-abundance. Its probably well above the 
++ actual photosynthesis maximum given the relative scarcity 
++ of nutrients (excepting Tom's high N+C regimen) in our 
++ aquariums. I think he's also mentioned that substrate Fe 
++ can be limiting. Based on my own experiences, I would agree 
++ with the importance of substrate Fe as well as N in order to 
++ limit N availability to algae.

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