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Re: [APD] phosphate woes

I agree... I would do numerous water changes until the levels come down. I 
think this is a good lesson for everyone. Every time I want to change 
something about my water (algae bloom, nitrate, etc...) my wife immediately 
suggests I go to the lfs to find a chemical additive to fix it. I try to tell 
her that any time you use some chemical additive, chances are it is going to 
effect something else, probably in a negative way (and most don't tell you 
what the ingredients are). It is better to find the source of the problem and 
fix it there. I'm not saying all additives are bad... some work well if you 
understand how they work and how to use them. 

Unfortunately, most people who subscribe to this list already have a good 
understanding of this... I just wish the people who work at the pet stores did 
since they are the ones who push this stuff to people who don't know any 
better. When I first started I didn't know any better... you wouldn't believe 
the amount of CRAP the pet store sold me. I didn't have an aquarium... I had a 
chemistry set. All I needed was a bunson burner, some beakers, and some swirly 
glass still tubing... maybe I could have blown some stuff up. Oh well, you 
live, you learn.

Quoting James Hogan <spree_rider at hotmail_com>:

> before i knew any better i got a bottle of ph down sodium biphosphate.  now 
> my phosphate is incredibly high way over the max of the test kit i have.  i 
> need to lower it asap.  what is the best way to go about this.  i have some 
> green-x from hagen but it doesn't seem to be working very well.  i do a 20% 
> water change twice a week but this doesn't seem to be helping any.  i was 
> looking to get one of the rechargable phosphate remover pillows.  what do 
> you suggest for removing phosphates?
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