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[APD] Re: CO2 into HOT Magnum

Does anyone have an opinion on bubbling co2 into the intake on a HOT Magnum
filter?  Any problems or issues I should worry about?

I'm thinking about putting a micro-bubbler on to make the bubbles as small
as possible then let the intake suck them up and finish the job.

Your advice/opinions are appreciated.


You can do it no problem. You will use more CO2 (probably much more) than
you would with a traditional reactor setup or even a cannister injection
setup using an Eheim or Fluval. Problem with the HOT is no contact time. It
pulls it in and shoots it out.

The HOT is designed to purge excess air in the filter and there is no reason
it wouldn't do it with CO2 as well.

I think the main issue using a HOT is the inefficiency of the setup more
than whether it can be done.

Of course, let me add the usual "CO2 is cheap" comment. The biggest time
waster IMO is pulling the empty tank and driving to the supplier for a
swapout. A swapout in the Atlanta area costs me about $13 for a 20# tank. So
I guess there is something to say for efficiency. The more efficient your
injection system is, the farther between swapouts you are. I like my tanks
to last as long as possible.

If you inject at a continuous rate 24/7, or are tied into the light timer,
the more efficient your system is means you'd reach the desired CO2
concentration faster and you could throttle back your bubble rate and the
tank would last longer.

If you use a controller the controller will switch the gas off quicker the
more efficient your injection is, and the tank will last longer that way as


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