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Re: [APD] incandescent-replacement type fixtures

There are more ballasts around then jsut a couple years ago
-- I mean around so you can buy them without buying a case.

The big makers, Slyvannia, Universal, Advance have all come
out with electronic ballasts for T5/PCs. They use IC chips
for programmed start and allow for dimming (with a
conventional wall dimmer no less  among other methods) --
although dimming tends to shorten bulb life -- possibly
because the filaments are cooler and evaporate from a more
localized hot section of the filament.

They cost more than the instant start ballasts like the
reliable Fulhams. But slowly each should bring down the
price of the other.

Not really new, but in marketing terms for hobbyists
they're realtively new:

Sylvannia Qt1x54120PHO for 1 54 watt T5 or 55watt PC.
Sylvannia Qt2x54120PHO for 2 54 watt T5s or 55watt PCs.
Advance ICN-2S54-120V for 1 or 2 54 watt T5 or 55 watt PC
Universal B254UNV-D for 1 or 2 54 watt T5 or 55 watt PC

The bulbs burn a bit brighter with one than than two on the
last two ballasts. The Advance puts more distortion on

Programmed start is not much of an advantage if your aren't
cycling the bulbs frequently.  . However,  if you're using
PCs elsewhere in your house, the bulbs will last longer
than with instant start so it's something to think about.

Fulhams have become pretty widely available. I'm sure these
ballasts will too before too long. Meanwhile you can
probably special order one form any electrical ssupply
house that deals in one of those brands of ballasts.

Of course, the easiest way to very good DIY lighting with
good parts, good prices and good instructions is the AHS

Good luck, good fun,
--- Bill wrote:
>. . . 
> If you're on a
> tight budget, the incandescent-replacement type fixtures
> are definitely
> worth a try, but if you're looking for the best
> performance or
> electrical
> and lighting efficiency from your system there are much
> better options
> on
> the market.
> Since it sounds like you are planning to DIY your
> lighting, have a look
> at
> the linear PCF supplies available at
> http://www.ahsupply.com. Many on
> the
> list (including myself) have had very good luck with
> their equipment,
> and
> the prices are much better than the prebuilt assemblies
> the tank
> manufactures sell.

S. Hieber

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