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[APD] incandescent-replacement type fixtures

You can buy those cheapo aluminum clamp-on lights to use. Also, I have seen at Costco and on ebay some flo replacement-style lamps built as floodlights. Not sure about color temp, etc though.

I did buy one of those JEBO-brand compact 4x55W fixtures for $90 recently, before I saw the overdriving thread... It arrived and looks decent for a Chinese knockoff. Nice extruded aluminum housing. I need to replace the two actinic bulbs with more appropriate ones, however. It has twin switches, but only one power cord. Don't know if it's a single ballast or a pair of them. With dual switching, it could be separates or 2 of them on same circuit board. Will see how it fares long-term.

Nick A

The basic consensus is usually that it can be done, and that the cheap
lights will work, but they're not as good as a "real" linear PCF is in
terms of efficiency or light delivery to the tank water. If you're on a
tight budget, the incandescent-replacement type fixtures are definitely
worth a try, but if you're looking for the best performance or
and lighting efficiency from your system there are much better options
the market.

Since it sounds like you are planning to DIY your lighting, have a look
the linear PCF supplies available at http://www.ahsupply.com. Many on
list (including myself) have had very good luck with their equipment,
the prices are much better than the prebuilt assemblies the tank
manufactures sell.


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