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[APD] filtering a co2 tank

I am currently using a UG filter and a aquaclear 150, i want to add co2 to my tank. i am getting rid of the UG filter and replacing it with some sort of high efficiency Biofilter. i was wondering what type of filter would be best and most cost effective preferably DIY. do you think i should keep the aquaclear or will that make too much surface turbulance? i was thinking that i would use a DIY wet/dry trickle filter. i have most of the parts i would need for it around the house so it would only cost the media and the sump pump. Do you think the trickle filter would remove the co2 too fast? and do you think it would work alright if i injected the co2 into the sump instead of directly into the tank or will the pump moving the water into the tank cause the co2 to become lost.
thank you.

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