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[APD] Nitrates not being used?

Hello list, this is my first post.

Here's the deal: 75 gallon tank, 220watts of PC lighting, pressurized CO2.
Everything's been fine...the tank was started around Dec 29th, 2003...so
still 'young'.

Last 2 weeks I was religously testing nitrate and phosphate every other day,
and keeping nitrates at 20ppm and phosphates hovering around 1ppm.  I dose
flourish at 5mL every 2-3 days as a trace mix, and 2mL of Iron every 2-3

The last 7 days, my nitrates have stayed at 20ppm. Today they're at 40ppm!
Last water change was about 10days ago.

Why aren't the plants using up the nitrate like they did before?  Do I have
too much DOC's in the water?

I should mention pH tested at 6.2, Kh at 8 degrees...so yes I have WAY too
much CO2, but I did fiddle with it the other day.  Would too much Co2
(150ppm) cause plants to go into 'pause mode'?

High CO2/pH shift is prolly what killed my yo-yo loach yesterday :(

I do run CO2 24/7, but I may just buy a pH controller and hook up my
solonoid (milwaukee all in one unit).


gstearns at neb_rr.com

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