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RE: [APD] Yet another ? about DIY heating cables

> Subject: [APD] Yet another ? about DIY heating cables

> If you ignore the change in resistance due to temperature, you still have
> problem of finding wire that has the correct resistance. I REALLY don't
> comfortable putting 30awg wire in a tank full of water... it seems to me
it is 
> very thin and fragile. 

Well is it really worth it then? Are there significant gains?

> So two questions...

> Does anyone know how much of an impact the change in resistance with
change in 
> temperature makes?

Not sure, but it's not significant, cables themselves have questionable
significance. Some swear by them, I've used them for a long time. I have
not used them for a few years now nor would in the future. 

> Does anyone (especially those who have made heating cables themselves)
know a 
> good wire to use that will give me about 3 ohms total and is safe to be 
> submersed in water?

I ended up wrapping the wires I used in a water resistant insultating tape
to give it thickness, stiffness and bulk.
You can also wrap the wire with a thicker wire(this worked the best IME).
 Any little thing can break the smaller wires and cause a short and the
unit not to work anymore. Also, maintaining an even height above the gravel
is next to impossible with any ease.

I gave up after about 10 years of fooling with them. More trouble than they
were ever worth, yes, even the DIY.

Tom Barr 

> Thanks for the help.

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