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Re: [APD] Trickle filter and co2


I've done the same and can't directly point fingers at my DIY setup but
can say I've been having trouble keeping my CO2 levels up.  I have
pressurized CO2 on a DIY reactor that now has a split line from my sump
pump to reduce flow and increase CO2 exposure to water (having problems
where CO2 was injected to the tank without dissolving).  You can see the
reactor at http://www.terrellclan.com/reactor.html
Pictures of my filter setup made mostly from a design I got off the krib
(I can't/don't have time to find the article atm), can be seen here:
I have a 90G All-Glass w/overflow.

So, like I said, I can't point fingers at the filter, the reactor, the
overflow, but I do know I've made large efforts to get the CO2 levels
up but can't muster much past about 15ppm at best.

Good luck!
-Dave T.

On 3/1/2004, "James Hogan" <spree_rider at hotmail_com> wrote:

>I am setting up a DIY trickle filter and was wondering if the trickle filter
>would interfere with my co2 system its DIY as well. Will the trickle filter
>rid my water of co2 faster than it will be added or is this a good filter
>for use with co2.  also would it be better to inject the co2 into the sump
>of the filter or directly into the tank?

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