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[APD] battling algae, the kent freshwater product paradigm. + pics

I recently bought an RO filter for my planted tank, and now use the
following kent products exclusively. 
RO right 
freshwater essential 
freshwater plant 
The tank uses high tech c02, at 15ppm, kH is kept at 5dkh to obtain a
neutral ph. 
Currently, I replace 5 gallons of this 37g tank with this fresh water on a
weekly basis. 
I am currently battling green hair algae, and also a dirty looking algae
which grows mostly on the plants near the gravel.
Both forms of this algae are growing relatively slowly. 
I noticed my phosphate level was 0, so have switched over to a flake food
which contains '.25-1.0' phosphorous. 
Am I on the right track ? 
What should I do in addition to the above, in order to beat this algae
growth ? 
Pictures show current conditions: 

Aaron Colichia
Enterprise Systems Test
Dell Computer Corp.

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