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[APD] Rift Tank Algae Establishment

I'm a lurker coming out of hiding with a question concerning intentionally growing algae.

I was just given a used 75 gallon Reef tank setup. 48"L x 18"W x 20"H. 4x96 watt compact fluorescent hood (2 are actinic and 2 are 10,000 K). Timers to simulate dawn and dusk. 20 gallon sump bio filter in the stand. Overflow from the tank. I want to set this up as an African Cichlid tank with a large rock wall for the fish. I would like to see these rocks covered with algae as they are in Africa. My question is: Will suitable algae establish itself naturally or do I need to seed the tank? Another question is: Do I have too much light for my proposed setup? There are two ballasts so I could cut the light in half by running only one.

Thanks, Jerry Smith in New Jersey, USA

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