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[APD] Re: Marine topics

I don't mind them at all. Actually I find it very interesting to see what
"plant" alternatives I have to fresh water plants, while I have little
interest in reefs I would love to try some SW plants, and would possibly
learn new things that could eventually help me with my fresh water
plants.... who knows. Plus at the moment it's a brand new and hot topic and
I'm sure that's why we are getting such a flood of posts regarding this.
Look back in the archives, how many boring months have we had discussing hot
topics that were of little interest to many of us. Within a month it will
probably die down to the occasional post, IMO definetly not enough substance
or people doing this type of setup to keep a separate list going at the
moment. Personally I'd like to see it stay here, after all they are aquatic
plants are they not?

BTW.... here's nother post to add to the flood...... Can any of these SW
plants adapt to light brackish or even fresh water?? It would be nice to
have some more plants available for brackish setups.

Giancarlo Podio

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