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RE: fish question

>>I don't know a whole lot about fish other than "Happy plant = happy fish"
>>I have 6-7 zebra danios
>>2-neon tetras
>>2-3 ottos
>>1 SAE
>>2 bloodfin tetras 
>>some other kind of tetra

>>I was looking at some pearl gourami's and a cory cat and silver dollar
>>today. Would any or all of these be ok with the other fish? Do the cory's
>>eat algae or clean the gravel?

I don't know how big  your tank is, so it's hard to talk about fish
populations, but I can generalize.  Also, there may be many opinions on the
topic of your fish species interactions.  Here are some of my thoughts:
1) the fish you mention would get along together, I believe
2) The silver dollar is a wicked plant-eater
3) Cory cats, all (?) tetras are schoolers to some extent, you should get
more neons and bloodfins (6-8) first, then if you get corys, get at least 5
4) Cory cats feed from the substrate, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't
be fed well with good food.  They do well with sinking food.  I've never
seen my corys eat algae

Lew Newcomb