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little fry-baby

Sorry this is a bit off-topic, but I just have to tell somebody.  On
Saturday night, I was watching my 40 gal S. American community aquarium
(better than anything on TV) when I noticed a tiny version of a Corydoras
panda.  My cory-cats had spawned! At first I couldn't understand what I was
looking at - it looked exactly like the adults but is only about 1/6 their
size.  The fact that I could find only one did not overshadow my excitement
that these catfish had actually spawned in my aquarium with no effort on my
part, and in fact, without my knowledge or permission!  How he got enough
food as a hatchling, or how he survived predation & filtration I will never
know.  Now, I know many of you are saying "Big deal", but I've never had any
fish babies (except for some live-bearers whom it's impossible to stop).  I
feel like passing out cigars.

Lew Newcomb,
SE Lower Michigan