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Yellow veins on Glosso leaves and too much PO4

What's up with this Glossistigma elatoides?
All of a sudden many of my Glosso leaf veins 
are turning bright yellow. 

Fe: 0.1 ppm
NO3: 5-12,5 ppm
PO4: Too much. (I've lost the legend for the
Sera PO4-test, but the tapwatertest is totally
uncolored and the aquariumwater is medium blue
which I seem to recall is bad levels.)
KH: 2-3
pH: 6.5 (almost 6.0 at times if I'm not
reading my permanent CO2-test wrongly)

310 litres with 220 watts of Philips Aquarelle
and Osram Biolux fullspectrum bulbs. Pearling
is great and Glosso sticks to the substrate.

Regarding the PO4-level it's nil after wc but
jumps up to 1-2 ppm the day after wc when the
pH has gone down again. I've just recently
managed to get the pH down as much as I want
with a new reactor. Is sedimented/oxidized PO4 
starting to leak out in the water because 
of the low pH?

I dose K2SO4, MgSO4, KNO3 after weekly
50%-80% wc with the help of the Chuck
calculator. The last days I've done
80% wc:s several times per week with serious
substrate-vacuuming because of the unknown 
source of PO4.

Bonus picture much inspired by a picture
taken by Eric Leung at e-aquaria.com:

// Daniel Larsson

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