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Re: Understanding KNO3

>Hi, Iīm beggining to use PMDD.
>But here, in Brazil, itīs not allowed buying KNO3 for security reasons.
>So, I need to understand:
>1) Whatīs the purpose of KNO3 in the PMDD solution? To give K? To give NO3?

It provides both. K is important, but can also be dosed with K2SO4. NO3 is 
a macronutrient that lightly stocked (with fish) tanks can run low on and 
need supplements.

>2) What are the sources for that(those) element(s)?
>Thank you

Not sure exactly what you're asking for here.

NO3 is a common component of just about any plant fertilizer. You're 
probably having trouble getting the KNO3 since NO3 (nitrate) is also a 
common ingredient in most explosives. Ammonium nitrate is a common mining 
explosive, for example, but is also a common fertilizer component used in 
agriculture. I suggest contacting some hydroponics or farm supply places 
that are local to you and tell them you need some KNO3 to *use as a plant 
fertilizer* and see what they say. You may find that there is an exception 
for agricultural use that you might be able to take advantage of.

K (potassium) by itself reacts rather nastily with all kinds of things, and 
you would NOT want to drop a chunk of raw K into your PMDD batch. Nitrogen 
and oxygen are both gases normally, so you're going to have to find a 
solution you can use since you won't be able to add all the elements 


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