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Re: Is this algae?

At 03:40 AM 3/27/2003, Titus wrote:

>Is green hair algae synonymous with staghorn algae?

Look here for descriptions and photos.



>You both said that low Nitrates was apparently a trigger for this
>kind of algae.  After your responses I measured the NO3 level to
>be about 5 ppm.  I had already started selectively boosting different
>nutrients to see what effect it would have. I'll boost the NO3 level next.

Although some reaction can be expected within 1-2 days, full understanding 
of the impact of an individual nutrient will take multiple repetitions 
under different circumstances. For example, boosting nitrate will have a 
somewhat different effect if

     * You are trace limited (which you seem to be) or not
     * Your overall plant load and their health
     * How much algae has crept into the tank

Given these variables, you will have a difficult time saying, "Boosting X 
had this specific effect."  You are probably better off adopting the full 
regimen at once, although you should always boost nitrates slowly for your 
fishes sake.